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Harmony is achievable for animals and people


From individual equine acupressure sessions:

Joy – Morgan/Fresian Mare

“My horse Joy was seriously injured in an accident in 2007.  She cut her hock down to the bone.  She has had problems off and on with her leg being sore due to scar tissue.  This pain in turn put stress and more pain in other places on her body.  Accupressure has helped her very much.  Another plus is she also enjoys it very much.  During her session she relaxes and zones out.  After her treatment her movement has improved.  Her walk, trot and canter is much more smoother and her bad leg moves better.” - Lois

From Dog Massage class:

“Carolyn provided flexible, comprehensive massage training classes in my home where my dog felt relaxed and was able to get the full benefits of the training provided to me. I loved the one-on-one training and the book she provided prepared me in advance for the class.”  -  Julie

"I had read about massage therapy for calming animals and decided to try it to see if it would help calm my Border Collie named Howie, who is extremely frightened of thunderstorms.

It just so happened that the day Carolyn came over to give Howie his massage a storm was brewing and Howie was on edge, I really thought we were going to have to reschedule.

Once Carolyn got started Howie calmed down a little and I have to admit there were a few occasions that I thought he was going to bolt off the table to hide, but Caroline massaged him in a certain spot and I actually saw the fear leave his eyes and relaxation overcome his body it was the greatest thing to see. After witnessing this I decided I needed to learn how to perform this myself on Howie and signed up for massage lessons through Carolyn.

Carolyn was very thorough with explaining all the techniques and what their purpose was and coached me though a couple complete massages as I performed them on both of my dogs.

If you have a dog that has special needs, or you just want some very special and beneficial bonding time with your dog I would recommend taking a massage class with Carolyn, or getting massages for your dog, They’ll love you even more for it."  - Terri

From individual dog massages:

Each dog is different and I assist them in finding their internal balance.  Here are some testimonials from friends whose dogs I massaged.

Shadow – 11 year old Lab Mix

“Shadow was much more relaxed after getting her massage.  She also was much less stiff and was able to romp and play with our younger dog with ease.  Shadow is an 11 yr old lab/sheppard cross with arthritis in her elbows and she is normally very stiff and sore.  Afterwards, she is always more comfortable”  – Erica

Eachann – 3 year old Australian Sheppard

“Eachann loved the massages from Carolyn.  He was much more relaxed, slept better through the night and even barked less.  He is a much happier dog with Carolyn’s visits.”  – Kathy

Nicki – 5 year old Bichon Frise

“My Bichon is very timid and was very shy towards people.  After the message he was more open and liked to be touched and pet.  He came when called and was very easy to train.  He followed Carolyn around every time she came over.

I recommend this massage for every dog.  Dog owners should give it a try to see how it can change their dog’s life.  ….  In addition Carolyn has a true gift when working with these therapy procedures.”  - Kim

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